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Opinions are fun. My friends tell me I am someone with lots of opinions and that's fine since I don't get mad at others when they disagree with me. In this same spirit I am interested in hearing yours views as long as you are able to share your views without boiling over. I look forward to hearing from you. I tend to write in the form of short essays most of the time, but contributions do not need to be in this same format or size. Some of the content here will date itself pretty quickly, other content may be virtually timeless, this is for the reader to judge.

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AI Made Me Do It

Posted at: Aug/23/2019 : Posted by: mel mann

Related Category: Common Sense, My philosophy, Perspectives,

On our American Independence Day of 2019, a large internet payment processing company decided to lock a friend’s credit card account. Why did they do this? After an hour on the phone, their answer was that there was some suspicious activity on the account. What was this suspicious activity? Well, apparently my friend had spent a couple of hundred dollars in one day. Something she does regularly af.....read more…

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Intolerance runs amuck

Posted at: Feb/12/2014 : Posted by: mel

Related Category: Behavior, Common Sense, Society,

A moviegoer in Florida asks another man to stop texting during the previews. A few words are exchanged. One of the men leaves the theater, returning a short while later. Additional words are exchanged. The man who had been texting his babysitter flings popcorn at the other man. The man, who had left the theater and then returned, defends himself against the force of popcorn by shooting the ma.....read more…

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The home team and my living room

Posted at: Jan/16/2014 : Posted by: mel

Related Category: Common Sense, Sports,

I have never been very good at that spare time thing. If I am not working or sleeping, I am probably doing something for youth soccer or attempting a long overdue home project. Sunday, January 5th, 2014 was a rare event for me as I watched most of one football game and part of another. I was not an overt fan of any of the teams playing that day, it just became part of my afternoon. In truth, I .....read more…

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I just bought another car

Posted at: Oct/03/2013 : Posted by: mel

Related Category: Behavior, Common Sense, Perspectives,

Cars are really fantastic. A car gives us the freedom and mobility to move back and forth by 5 or 500 miles in a day. Cars are available in a variety of colors and styles. Much like the clothes we wear, these choices are great because with all the hours we spend in a car; it’s nice to be seen in the car that fits our likes and character. I recently purchased my fifth new vehicle in 35 years. .....read more…

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Evil needs to make a comeback

Posted at: Jun/11/2013 : Posted by: mel

Related Category: Common Sense, My philosophy,

When I was a child life was explained to be about good and bad. All the moral stories of my youth whether cartoon or westerns were fundamentally about the battle of good versus evil. Even my history books referred to everything from slavery to Hitler as evil; now we almost never hear of anything being labeled as evil. With the news filled with war, genocide, murder and deceit I am hard pressed .....read more…

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Guns, Violence and Common Sense

Posted at: Apr/18/2013 : Posted by: mel

Related Category: Common Sense, Politics & Gov, Society, The Law, Watching America,

Nothing creates a passionate outcry faster and louder than the killing of children. From the Columbine High School massacre in April of 1999, to Sandy Hook Elementary School in December of 2012; these are tragedies of the first order. We are instantly stirred to fervently ask “what can we do to prevent this from ever happening again.” In the wake of this tragedy, lots of things are getting blame.....read more…

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Are you ready for the end of the world?

Posted at: May/18/2011 : Posted by: mel

Related Category: Common Sense, Perspectives,

Have you heard the news, the end of the world is upon us. Apparently our biblical judgment day is May 21 of 2011, just a few days left to get your personal compass pointed in the right direction. End of days prophets have been around for a while, but they seldom pick a specific day. At the center of all this is Harold Camping who speaks and hosts on Family Radio, a Christian network that is ru.....read more…

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Abusing a Trillion

Posted at: Mar/26/2009 : Posted by: mel

Related Category: Common Sense,

Have you noticed, we are being barraged every day now with the term “trillion”. I get the feeling there is a cavalier expectation you can gloss over large amounts by wrapping them in the trillion ribbon. It is no longer a 2200 billion dollar budget, now it is a 3.5 trillion dollar budget. Maybe there is a presumption that this makes the number smaller and more palatable. One trillion is still.....read more…

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How old is the earth?

Posted at: Feb/26/2009 : Posted by: mel

Related Category: Common Sense,

How’s that for starting a controversial subject. What I am really asking is do you believe in “Creationism” or “Evolution”. To discuss that last sentence I believe you first have to ask yourself “how old is the earth?” The biblical fundamentalist will tell you around 6000 years. The scientist will tell you more than 4 billion. A good place to start is by visiting the Grand Canyon. If you hike.....read more…

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Octuplet mom Nadya Suleman offends my common sense

Posted at: Feb/11/2009 : Posted by: mel

Related Category: Common Sense,

I know, there is no law against having babies, but this is different. The lady has no real income and has been for quite a while living off the resources of the State of California. Hey, the State of California doesn’t have any resources left. But wait: this is not too much unprotected fun in a back seat leading to a few too many kids. This lady is paying a fertility doctor to get here pregnan.....read more…

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