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Opinions are fun. My friends tell me I am someone with lots of opinions and that's fine since I don't get mad at others when they disagree with me. In this same spirit I am interested in hearing yours views as long as you are able to share your views without boiling over. I look forward to hearing from you. I tend to write in the form of short essays most of the time, but contributions do not need to be in this same format or size. Some of the content here will date itself pretty quickly, other content may be virtually timeless, this is for the reader to judge.

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Hypocrisy runs amuck

Posted at: Oct/01/2013 : Posted by: mel

Related Category: Perspectives, Politics & Gov, Watching America,

Have your looked up the definition for hypocrisy recently, there are two standard definitions. 1, “a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious belief or principles that one does not really possess.” 2, “a pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude.” (Reference: dictionary.com). The common word in both definitions was “pretense.” Despite being proud of my co.....read more…

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Why some movements work and others wilt

Posted at: Sep/30/2013 : Posted by: mel

Related Category: Education, People, Perspectives,

Creating change is never easy. Change is also one of the great contradictions of humanity. As individuals we thrive on stability; knowing that what worked yesterday will work well again today and tomorrow. Despite this individual lust for stability, as a mass we continually push for things to be different. On the largest scale the changes we seek are often considered movements or revolutions. .....read more…

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The Great Kaz

Posted at: Aug/08/2013 : Posted by: mel

Related Category: People,

For those who know me, you know that I am not big on “when I was a boy” stories. Life is an ever changing whirlpool of challenges. I make an effort to not wax on with “back in the day” stories as well. Many people would like to tell you things were better, or simpler, or water was sweeter, or some such thing when talking about the past. My own experience is that our world is continuously evolv.....read more…

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How do you judge income inequality?

Posted at: Aug/03/2013 : Posted by: mel

Related Category: Economics, People,

I don’t consider myself a news junkie, but I do read a lot. Some of my reading is for entertainment, some is for education. I like to think I can hold an intelligent conversation with just about anyone on a broad range of topics. To fulfill this personal mission takes a lot of reading on current events. One of the most common practices in our media today is the use of statistics. Numbers and .....read more…

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Was justice served?

Posted at: Jul/24/2013 : Posted by: mel

Related Category: Society, The Law, Watching America,

A trial recently concluded in Sanford Florida that has garnered national attention and a proportional level of controversy. George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer was charged with murder and manslaughter in the death of Trayvon Martin. After due deliberations, a jury of six women found George Zimmerman not guilty on all charges. Many people are using this trial and its verdict as a t.....read more…

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My how cars have changed

Posted at: Jul/03/2013 : Posted by: mel

Related Category: Historical Insights, Perspectives,

Cars are one of the hot beds for continuous change. Teams of designers are endlessly destroying brain cells in an attempt to find the right blend of new styling and innovative features to capture your purchasing dollar. The push button electric transmission on the 1957-58 Dodge, DeSoto and Plymouths never quite caught on. The outrageous tail fins of the 1959 Cadillac Eldorado have become iconi.....read more…

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Privacy and Secrets

Posted at: Jun/27/2013 : Posted by: mel

Related Category: Behavior, People, Perspectives,

For my kids the use of social networking tools like Facebook have become common place. Many young people have grown up with this technology concurrently sharing all aspects of their life on their public walls. The entries can be announcements of events and career changes to details that inform the world of what movie they will be going to see in the next 10 minutes and their rating of the person.....read more…

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Evil needs to make a comeback

Posted at: Jun/11/2013 : Posted by: mel

Related Category: Common Sense, My philosophy,

When I was a child life was explained to be about good and bad. All the moral stories of my youth whether cartoon or westerns were fundamentally about the battle of good versus evil. Even my history books referred to everything from slavery to Hitler as evil; now we almost never hear of anything being labeled as evil. With the news filled with war, genocide, murder and deceit I am hard pressed .....read more…

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Don’t confuse anger for passion

Posted at: Jun/02/2013 : Posted by: mel

Related Category: Behavior, People, Society, Sports,

Youth sports are big in my life. I got into soccer with my oldest son and have spent the last 13 years seeing the best and worst of what youth sports can produce. Over the years I have watched kids grow into adults and go from chasing butterflies, to creating phenomenal strategic attacks and brilliant goal scoring plays. These young people have learned the satisfaction of athletic endeavor, the.....read more…

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Not all Anti-Muslim’s are created equal

Posted at: May/30/2013 : Posted by: mel

Related Category: People, Religion,

In recent months there have been two significant terror attacks by Islamic extremists in two different western democracies. Despite the similarities in extremist hatred with both attacks, that’s where their commonality ends. The public response to the bombings in Boston at its namesake marathon on April 15 and the attack on a British soldier on a London street on May 22 exemplify the differences .....read more…

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