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Opinions are fun. My friends tell me I am someone with lots of opinions and that's fine since I don't get mad at others when they disagree with me. In this same spirit I am interested in hearing yours views as long as you are able to share your views without boiling over. I look forward to hearing from you. I tend to write in the form of short essays most of the time, but contributions do not need to be in this same format or size. Some of the content here will date itself pretty quickly, other content may be virtually timeless, this is for the reader to judge.

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Concerns over the Bail-Out

Posted at: Feb/02/2009 : Posted by: mel

Related Category: Economics,

I have grave concerns over the usefulness of the Bail-Out that Congress is pushing. We have a consumer driven economy and if new monies do not find their way into the hands of consumers, then we are really only shoring up the balance sheets of large financial institutions. I don’t know what the right answer is, but giving banks more money to cover existing loses doesn’t seem like a good solution.....read more…

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Thoughts on Global Warming

Posted at: Feb/02/2009 : Posted by: mel

Related Category: Environment,

We are barraged on a daily basis with so much data about Global Warming (GM). I don’t dispute that GM is real. We have obviously just concluded 120 years of industrial consumption of the worlds resources with little regard until recently for what the outcome could or would be. Our planet has experienced warming and cooling cycles in the past, and the argument can be made “so what!”. The what is.....read more…

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